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Wet Recipes

100g Pouches

Our seven delicious wet foods for dogs are packed in convenient 100 g pouches: a source of joy at meal times! Our pouches are sold in single flavour boxes or in practical multipacks, with a variety of all our recipes.

Raw Recipes





Raw Frozen Foods

Now your dog can enjoy the most natural possible meal with the best nutrition and super-delicious, based on the principles of biologically appropriate raw food (Barf). 

Made in Germany, our seven new Aruba raw recipes offer a variety of flavours and proteins. Aruba Raw is available in hypoallergenic and low fat options. It also provides rich additions of green tripe in two flavours.

Aruba Pet Nutrition Raw makes the difference:

  • Better digestion 

  • Healthy Skin and coat 

  • Improved dental health

  • Better quality poo (firmer stools and less smell!)

Do you want to know more benefits from the Raw diet? Click here!

Raw Recipes

400g Cans (Coming Soon)

Our seven delicious wet foods for dogs come also packed in convenient 400 g cans: a source of joy at meal times and more convenient to feed your larger furry friend! 

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