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Nature is our principle and inspiration, along with our respect for dogs, cats and the biodiversity of our planet. We believe that health can be found in simple but real nutrition. Our unconditional bond with dogs and cats made us create Aruba Pet Nutrition. For us, every day is special with our pets.



Our food is inspired by the variety of nature. We use genuine ingredients without complication. We provide good food in a simple way.


We based all of our recipes in the world's different cultures, ingredients and ways of cooking. We are based in beautiful Portugal, in the Iberian Peninsula, and we chose Germany, a powerhouse of sustainable foods as a country to produce Aruba Pet Nutrition recipes. #internationalinspiration 

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Our love for our cats and dogs comes in many different ways and each day we realize more and more how these animals make part of our family. Our pets and the world’s diverse cultures and foods are the inspiration for Aruba Pet Nutrition.

At Aruba Pet Nutrition, we believe that only the best will do. We created a new range of pet foods internationally inspired and completely made in Europe, precisely in Germany, one of the world’s quality powerhouse.

There are many ways to express true love for our pets. At Aruba Pet Nutrition, we believe that nourishment and happiness come together.

We are delighted to present to you our brand new range of organic and non-GMO pet foods for cats and dogs. Inspired around the world and made with European ingredients, Aruba Pet Nutrition foods are produced in Germany, to the highest possible standard.

Aruba Pet Nutrition brings the best quality of life to your pet in a simple and effective way. All of our complete foods are designed to deliver the best nutrition based on the principle of variety and health, having nature as its main inspiration. Do you know that cats and dogs benefit from variety of proteins just like us? 

That’s why we made our foods from many different sources: from organic goose and beef to wild venison and goat. From sea caught North Atlantic cod to organic chicken and turkey. All of these proteins, our organic vegetables and super ingredients will make all the difference in your pet’s life.

All our recipes are made in a CO2 neutral production facility, with human-grade ingredients, organic and non-GMO meats, vegetables and superfoods.

Last but not least, we from Aruba Pet Nutrition are inspired by nature, biodiversity and not to forget the shared happiness that bonds us humans and our beloved pets.

Let's Aruba Pet Nutrition! 

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