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Fresh news for you! Your beloved dog can now enjoy Aruba Pet Nutrition Raw. Our frozen foods are based on the principles of Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) and, as with anything from Aruba Pet, are as nutritious, honest and natural as possible.

What is the Raw / BARF diet?

BARF refers to two aspects of food: “Biologically appropriate raw food” and “Bone and raw food”. The principle is based on feeding dogs the diet that best fits their evolution: a raw diet consisting of fresh, raw meat and vegetables without any processing.

After several investigations, the genetic makeup of domestic dogs supports the following assertion: From small Chihuahuas to Grand Danois, the DNA of dogs is essentially the same as their ancestors, wolves.

What is raw food made of?

Raw food should be rich in quality protein, moderate in fat and minimal amounts of carbohydrates. It consists of:

● Meat from Muscles

● Viscera and Organs

● Vegetables and Fruits

● Supplements

What are the benefits of feeding your dog a raw diet?

There are numerous health benefits, such as:

● Better digestion, especially in cases of food intolerance.

● Thinner and more muscular body structure (almost 60% of dogs are overweight or obese based on data concerning the condition of their bodies).

● Healthier skin and coat.

● Improves oral health. Cleaner teeth and fresher breath.

● Better smell.

● A better balance between vibrant and tranquil energy.

● Firmer stools.

● There are also the environmental benefits that help reduce our ecological footprints. 👉 Fun fact: The raw diet also uses parts of animals, such as organ meats, which, although safe for us, are generally avoided by humans. Using these parts of meat in our dogs’ food reduces waste.

Choose a balanced raw diet. Want your dog to enjoy raw food, but don’t know where to start? Despite the many benefits, a disadvantage associated with this type of diet is the risk of giving your dog an unbalanced diet. Many tutors decide to prepare this type of food on their own, which is great, but unfortunately, most people don’t know how to properly balance all the micronutrients dogs need. This can cause nutritional shortages and health problems in the future.

Aruba Pet Nutrition Raw makes a difference.

Produced in Germany, the 7 new Aruba Pet Raw frozen recipes offer a variety of flavours and proteins that bring health and happiness in one food. The best of everything> Just thaw and serve! It doesn’t get any easier than this!

● Lamb with green tripe, carrots & coconut oil.

● Duck, broccoli, red berries and chia.

● Organic turkey with oats, beetroot and artichokes.

● Organic chicken with pumpkin, courgette & blessed thistle.

● Organic salmon & turkey with quinoa, chard & turmeric.

● Beef with green tripe, spinach and moringa.

● Finally, the crown jewel: Venison, celery and aronia berries, our special low-fat recipe.

We believe that natural raw food is the best option for dogs, benefiting them in everything from fur and teeth to general well-being, so we have been perfecting our raw food recipes to offer a BARF diet, which is as nutritious and safe as possible.

Each menu is formulated to ensure the perfect balance of all nutrients, especially proteins, vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients.

We commit to using fully natural ingredients. All menus are complete and balanced according to the highest FEDIAF nutritional guidelines.

At Aruba Pet Nutrition, we prepare our raw meals with the greatest attention for your dogs. We offer uncomplicated premium raw food. Unfreeze the necessary amount and… attack! Discover our 7 Aruba Pet Nutrition Raw recipes HERE! 🦩Let's Aruba!



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