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  • Are Aruba Pet Nutrition foods "complete meals" or just "treats"?"
    All of our Aruba Pet Nutrition recipes are complete foods. This means that your cat and dog can be exclusively fed our recipes without the need to supplement with any other foods. However, we also encourage our pet lovers to feed our delicious recipes as a complement to any regular kibble diet whenever feeding Aruba exclusively is not possible.
  • How are Aruba Pet Nutrition recipes developed?
    Our recipes are developed by veterinarians and animal nutritionists that work in collaboration to create healthy and balanced recipes.
  • Are all your recipes natural and additive free?
    All of our recipes are organic and/or GMO free. The only thing we add on top of our superior quality ingredients are nutritional additives such as vitamins and minerals, which guarantee that your cat and dog will receive all the necessary nutrients for a well-balanced complete diet. These supplements are certified and allowed to be used in organic foods.
  • Can I mix feed my pet with Aruba Pet Nutrition and regular kibble?
    Absolutely! If you prefer to mix a dry food diet with Aruba Pet Nutrition healthy pouches, you may! Just think what a boost of health and happiness our pouches can bring to the feeding routine of any dog or cat.
  • My dog is sensitive to gluten. Can I feed Aruba Pet Nutrition?
    All our recipes are gluten free.
  • Are Aruba Pet Nutrition foods recommended to a specific breed, age and size?"
    All of our foods are suitable to dogs and cats of all ages, sizes and breeds. Our foods are balanced and offer natural and simple nutrition with countless benefits.
  • How much shall I feed my pet?
    Please check this information on the product description of each recipe. If you need even more information, feel free to reach us on
  • Where is Aruba Pet Nutrition made?
    Aruba Pet Nutrition is lovingly made in Germany in a CO2 neutral certified facility.
  • Where can I buy Aruba Pet Nutrition pouches?
    You can buy online here or in one of our authorized retail partners.
  • Does Aruba Pet Nutrition have an animal welfare policy?
    Our love of animals is not limited to our pets. Our suppliers of animal ingredients must meet high ethical standards of animal welfare and undergo regular checks by us. None of our foods are tested in animals. For us, using human food grade ingredients is not enough. We do not support factory farming! For us, a happy & healthy live stock is a sign of respect
  • I'm not sure which flavour of Aruba Pet Nutrition I should feed my pet. What do you recommend?
    At Aruba Pet Nutrition, we recommend a varied diet. Just imagine this: could you eat your favourite meal every day for years to an end? Neither can your pet! Changing flavours and the source of protein is not only beneficial for your pet's health but also it's a source of entertainment and mental stimulation. Why not try one of our multipacks with many different flavours?
  • Why are Aruba Pet Nutrition pouches more expensive than regular pouches?
    We only use pure natural ingredients that are either organic and/or non-GMO. None of our foods contain unnecessary carbs such as potatoes, rice, corn, soya, wheat, etc., which can be cheaper than proper nutritious foods. The amounts of meat and fish in our recipes show our commitment to the correct nutrition of our carnivore friends. Our price reflects the quality of our ingredients.
  • Why use organic ingredients for pets?
    Our pets are certainly part of our family and feeding them the best possible foods is part of this. We are proud to make Aruba Pet Nutrition foods with organic and non-GMO ingredients, which means no growth hormones, no pesticides, no tricks! What you see written is what's in there.
  • How do these ingredients reflect on my pet's health?
    Less chemicals means less allergies, less upset tummies. Good healthy food will show in your pet's firm stools, shiny coat and all around wellbeing.
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