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  • Alba Raga

Why Does my Cat?...We answer 5 of the most Googled Cat Questions

Cats are beloved creatures who retain a certain mystique to even the most attentive human. Cat lovers have been asking questions about cats since the first one jumped on a human’s lap and began to purr and knead. Why do they do what they do?

She don't necessarily have to be happy! Cats vocalize in a wide variety of ways and for several reasons:

✔️ Purring seems to calm a cat under stress

✔️ Even dying cats can purr ☹

✔️ Cats also purr when they are comfortable and in positive social situations

When a kitten jumps in your lap and starts to purr, you can be sure that he feels safe with you.

It is true that if you give a child or a cat a box, they’ll play with it all day long. What’s so good about it? For a kid, who knows? Maybe it’s the simplicity of the object that allows them to give wings to their imagination. But for a kitty, a box or a bag offers safety from predators.

Cats are both predators and prey. They like hiding places that let them sneak up on their prey and seek shelter from larger predators.

A closed box with a small opening provides safety and is great for scanning the landscape.

When cats are stressed, they want to hide in enclosed, safe places. What could be better than a box?

We’ve all made the comment when a cat starts moving its paws up and down, “Look, he’s making bread!” This act is actually called kneading, and there are many reasons your cat does it, including:

✔️ Stress

✔️ When they were nursing, they kneaded on their mother to stimulate milk production and probably they will continue that behavior into adult life

✔️ Cats like to mark territory. Scent is released from their paws when they knead.

✔️ If your cat kneads on you or nicer fabrics, keep claws trimmed and polished to avoid scratches.

Why cats meow is a fascinating topic. By emitting these very particular sounds that, moreover, are so different from each other, your cat communicates with you and with animals of the same species. Did you know that a cat can meow in more than 60 different tones? It is an art that hides multiple meanings.

They meow when they want a toy or to go outside or just to say "Hello"

Cats meow for food, Of course!

They also do it when they don't feel well. Watch out! If your cat meows nonstop, something is probably going wrong.

Cats do seem to sleep an excessive amount and laze the days away. They hunt for food, have a little playtime and save a few moments for affection. But for the most part, cats sleep. Why?

Cats are predators, but historically they also have been prey. They like to be active in the early morning and evening hours before the larger and dangerous predators are on the prowl…and then cats sleep. Zzzz…

Did you know that they also do it to conserve energy? Instinctively a cat can never know when she will need to escape!

But don't worry, it's true that they take a lot of naps, but they are rarely in deep sleep. They are usually alert for dangerous sounds or their human serving an Aruba pouch.

Make sure your feline has access to interesting toys and activities during his waking hours. If your cat is bored, that can trigger depression and make her sleep even more!

We hope that you have liked this compilation of FCQs (frequent cat questions!). 😊

We want to know your opinion. Send us your questions about your cat.

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