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  • Andrew Gray


Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Want to get that Aruba feeling this Valentine's Day?

#ARUBAFEELGOOD #VALENTINESDAY This Valentine’s Day, Aruba Pet Nutrition offers you a selection of handpicked movies to watch, all about the love and bonds created between pets and their human parents. The list contains a wide array of movies which we hope you love as much as we do. Disclaimer: These movies are best watched with a four-legged friend by your side, and maybe a snack or two for them as a treat. 1. Call of the Wild Of all the movies about dogs, perhaps none of them show how loyal a dog can be better than this incredibly emotional journey. Throughout the movie, Buck, a large and rather clumsy dog, serves as companion to many kind and loving (but some not so) “owners”. During his journey, Buck helps the many people that he comes across find happiness and fulfillment; something that many of our four legged pals do for us each day.Link to IMDb:


Togo tells the true story of a dog who saved an entire town by leading a trek through the harsh Alaskan mountains. In this heart-wrenching epic, we are shown the limits that dogs will go to in terms of their perseverance, strength and most importantly, kindness. Even the coldest of hearts will melt when watching this movie.Link to IMDb:

3. Soul

Soul might not necessarily be about our four-legged friends (though it stars a human stuck in the body of a cat), it certainly highlights why we love them so much. In the movie, our main character learns to appreciate the little things in the world that make life worth living, and what little things are more important than our friendly little pets who brighten our lives for all that they do for us? Link to IMDb:

4. Bolt

This movie is the quintessential late 2000s Disney animated movie. Talking animals? Check. A villain sure to scare the kids? Check. Friendly sidekick? Check. This movie is sure to be fun for the whole family, with heart-warming scenes that will make everyone tear up, as well as classic slapstick humour to force even the sternest of parents to laugh out loud. Link to IMDb:

5. John Wick

Did you know it’s true that dogs can melt even the coldest of hearts? If you don’t believe us, watch this film and see how the rugged exterior of an ex-assassin comes undone by the love and warmth of a young puppy. Though I must warn that this is a parents only venture as it may not be the most traditionally heart-warming film that you’ve seen. Link to IMDb:

6. The Secret Life of Pets

What do our pets do when we leave the house? In many cases they choose to pee on all the furniture, but the secret life of pets has a different view. In this movie, we see the exciting lives that pets hide from us; much like the toys in Toy Story. And of course, in their journey, hilarity ensues as the pets get into all kinds of strange situations, sure to entertain all who watch. Link to IMDb:

7. Isle of Dogs

Unlike the previous films in this list, Isle of Dogs shows dogs in a somewhat less favourable light. Secluded on an island for years, dogs have established packs and have become feral once again. Despite the violence of some of these dogs, they retain some of the famous charm that they usually exhibit when in our homes. Beautifully animated, voice acted and written, this is a must see for any film buff who loves pets.Link to IMDb:

8. Lady and the Tramp

To whoever hasn’t already seen this classic film, it’s difficult to say something which hasn’t already been said. This is a classic story of two dogs falling in love despite the forces of the world that mean to keep them apart. But beyond the story and the classic Disney style of animation, the best part of the movie has to be seeing two extraordinarily cute dogs sharing a bowl of spaghetti. Link to IMDb:

9. 101 Dalmatians

If you’ve ever thought that there can be too many dogs, think again. The title of the movie does not lie; there are in fact 101 dogs in this movie; each one cuter than the last. Contrastingly, the threat that our many heroes face is perhaps one of the scariest Disney villains; a vile and sickening monster whose Dalmatian patterned coat sends shivers down the spine of all who see her invade a room. Surely there’s nothing to fear and the Dalmatians will live peacefully, unscathed by this villain… right? Link to IMDb:

10. Puss in Boots

Spinning off of the incredibly successful Shrek series, Puss in Boots tells the story of how the titular cat came to be in an exciting adventure that contains action, comedy and intrigue. Though it’s impossible to know what goes on in the mind of a cat, perhaps if one could talk, they would have the personality of the charming yet dangerous Puss in Boots Link to IMDb:


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