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  • Andrew Gray

😺 In Defence of Crazy Cats… …

‘Are you a cat person, or a dog person?’ Everyone’s been asked that question at one point or another in their life, and they usually don’t have to think long before saying ‘Dog!’ or ‘Cat!’ But I’m one of the rare people that proudly answers ‘Both!’

And one of the reasons that my answer is both, is because of the unpredictability of so many cats and dogs. I’ve found this is especially true for cats. Sometimes I’ll be making a sandwich, or watching TV, hear a single meow and then see my cat jump all the way to the ceiling to catch a bug. To be honest, some of the things cats can do when they put their mind to it are almost alien. No wonder there are so many famous cartoon characters based on these adorable maniacs. They’re just so endlessly entertaining!

So, if you’re exclusively a dog person, or someone who only likes calm cats and you’re willing to hear me out, please read on, because I think there’s a chance that I’ll change your mind.

There’s No Boredom When a Cat’s Around

What makes a cat’s insanity even more entertaining is how calm they can sometimes be. If you’re reading a book, one of the nicest things that can happen is your cat lies down beside you. It’s a perfect moment of tranquility and love. But the moment they’re set off by even the littlest thing, you’ll know it, and it’ll probably be because they scared the life out of you. It might be a bit mean to say this, but it’s even funnier when they catch a guest off guard. Every moment with a crazy cat is a lesson in unpredictability, and the lesson is that you will never know what they’re going to do. Well… there’s one exception to this rule, and that’s when you open up a packet of one of Aruba Pet Nutrition’s recipes. To that, there’s only one reaction; pure joy.

They’re Actually Very Helpful

Have you ever had a spider in the corner of your ceiling that you don’t really want to get, or maybe something a little bigger and more worrisome; worry no more, you’ve got a crazy cat. It’s great for you because you’ve got a little helper to protect the house, and it’s good for your cat because it keeps them active, alert and gives them the great sense of achievement that their larger cousins get when they’re hunting in the wild.

A Whole Host of Activities

Playing with your dog is a very common thing, but many people miss out on the countless games that you can play with your cat. Cats can be very easily entertained, and seeing how they act when they’re entertained is one of the biggest parts of the Aruba Feeling. Simple activities include blowing bubbles, playing with a light or simply giving them a ball of yarn to fool around with. You can do all this and so much more with your cat, and they’ll love you all the more for it. And as so many cat parents know, experiencing the love of a cat can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding feelings out there.

So, maybe the cats we see as ‘crazy cats’ aren’t so crazy after all. They like to play, hunt and share their love with someone who loves them right back. Oh, and there’s one more thing that they like, and if you think you know what that is, head on over to our site and take a look at all the incredible meals we have on offer to make your cat the happiest and healthiest they can be.

🦩Let's Aruba!

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