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  • Andrew Gray

馃惥 Five Activities You Need to do With Your Dog - RIGHT NOW!

As a dog parent, I鈥檝e had my fair share of great experiences with my dog, but there are still some that I鈥檇 love to try out. In this blog, I鈥檇 like to share with you five activities that every pet parent must try out with their dog as soon as possible. If you try any one of these you鈥檙e bound to have a memorable experience with your bundle

1. Go Somewhere You鈥檝e Never Been Before

I walk my dog every day; it鈥檚 something I love to do and it鈥檚 always one of my favourite parts of the day. Even though I love these walks, sometimes I think the scenery is a little too familiar, and maybe my dog thinks so as well. Whenever I feel like this, I decide it鈥檚 time to trek off the beaten path, time to explore a new area, time to discover somewhere that might become our next daily route. They say that variety is the spice of life and when it comes to where I take my dog for those special walks, that is certainly true. So, if you feel like your regular route might be becoming a little bit stale, spice things up and take a chance on that path in the bushes you鈥檝e never been down or any other place you and your dog would like to explore.

2. Train Them to Learn a New Trick

As someone with what I might call a less than perfectly obedient dog, training is one of the most challenging and rewarding things I can do. Now, I admit I鈥檓 no expert on dog training, but I have overcome a fair few obstacles with my dog, and we鈥檝e both learned a few things. There鈥檚 still a lot more that I鈥檇 like to teach him, but at the top of my list, I鈥檇 put spinning in a circle, jumping and getting off my sofa when I tell him to (that鈥檚 by far the biggest challenge). What I recommend you do if you want to train your dog is to bring snacks, and maybe once they鈥檝e learned, give a nice, hearty Aruba meal and of course, lots of love. What trick would you like to teach your dog?


3. Visit a Dog Groomer

Dogs are messy. There鈥檚 no debate there, dogs love some dirt, and that鈥檚 all part of their charm, but鈥 sometimes as a treat, it鈥檚 nice to take your dog to the groomer. At least for a couple of days after their visit, their fur will be as soft as what you imagine clouds to feel like, they smell like strawberry cake and their breath is actually quite nice. It might only be for a couple of days, but it鈥檚 certainly worth it, and besides, as a treat for their endless love and loyalty, your dog deserves to be pampered like a king or queen for a day. Try it out, I promise your dog will thank you.

4. Watch a Movie With Your Dog - awesome!

Sometimes it鈥檚 nice to have a quiet night in and watch a movie. But you鈥檙e never alone when you鈥檝e got your four-legged pal to keep you company. That鈥檚 what I love about watching TV with my dog, I鈥檝e always got company even when things are quiet. They might not understand what鈥檚 happening on the screen, but all that matters is that they have your uninterrupted company for one and a half hours or so. Or maybe you like to do movie marathons; in that case, dogs truly are your greatest companion.

5. Spend a Day at Your Local Dog Park

You鈥檒l certainly create some memories taking your furry friend to a dog park. It鈥檚 also a great opportunity for your dog to make some new friends. Wherever you live, there are bound to be some great dog parks with kind pet parents and lovely dogs. You鈥檒l find a wide range of activities to participate in and equipment to use, letting your dog really work themselves out, and maybe even have you chase them around for a bit. It鈥檒l be a treat for both you and your dog!

If you feel motivated to try any of these out, congratulations, because you鈥檝e got the Aruba Feeling! You may ask, what is the Aruba Feeling? Lucky for you that our next blog post will be written on just that topic, so if you feel like you want to learn some more, keep your eyes posted on our blog, because we鈥檝e got a lot more to share with you!

Andrew Gray is a content writer for Aruba Pet Nutrition and has both a dog and a cat. He takes from his experiences as a pet parent to write this blog.

馃ΙLet's Aruba!


This blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or nutritional advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice.

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