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  • Andrew Gray

10 Dogs and Cats Who’ve Stolen Our Hearts

It’s strange to think that as a society we’ve only had film for just over a hundred years, and television for even less than that. But in that time, countless talented artists and creators have come up with characters based on animals whose legacies would last generations. And it doesn’t look like people are losing their interest in pets or cute animals, so hopefully, these loveable characters will stick around for decades more. We hope that reading this will remind you of some of your fondest memories watching cartoons as a child, or introduce you to many loveable characters that give us the #arubafeeling.

1. Tom - Tom & Jerry

Did you know that Tom doesn’t actually want to eat Jerry? Yep. Turns out that the only reason he chases Jerry is so that his owner thinks he’s going to eat the mouse and doesn’t replace him with another cat. This probably makes Tom the only cat in the world that doesn’t turn into a remorseless hunter when he sees his prey. But that doesn’t stop him and Jerry from creating hundreds of episodes to keep generations of kids entertained by the endlessly entertaining chases and fights that these two get up to.

2. Garfield - Garfield and Friends

Unlike the previous cat in this list, there’s not really a hidden layer or a deeper meaning to this cat’s intentions. He’s lazy, likes to eat and doesn’t really care about anyone but himself, totally unlike the other pet in his house, Odie, who shows nothing but love and obedience. For some reason, I get a strong sense that a dog person came up with this character. And this character may not be entirely inaccurate from any cat’s true behavior, but… with a healthy diet of Aruba Pet Nutrition, I think Garfield’s mood would brighten right up.

3. Sylvester - Looney Tunes

Sylvester is a strange character; I get the sense that he really wants to eat Tweety Bird, but on the other hand he just wants to play with him. Maybe he has a lot in common with Tom, but the sense that I get is that he's a cat that likes to play with his food. He’s kind of like the crazy cats that I spoke about in a previous blog post called ‘In Defence of Crazy Cats…’ that you should definitely check out.

4. Puss in Boots - Shrek

From his first moments in Shrek 2, we expected Puss in Boots to be as cute as a kitten, but nothing could be further from the truth. This character goes to show that appearances can be most deceiving, but Puss retains all the bravado and ferocity that you may find in what you think looks like a cute and cuddly cat. So, next time you approach a stray cat on the street, keep your guard up in case they happen to be a well trained swordsman.

5. The cheshire cat - Alice's in Wonderland

He's not crazy; His reality is different from yours. Talking and mysterious animal, the Cheshire Cat is one of the characters created by the British author Lewis Carroll to star in his famous book Alice in Wonderland, originally published in 1865.

The Cheshire Cat possesses the ability to appear and disappear, both fully and partially, as he can leave only his head in one place. In addition, he often speaks with riddles or philosophical quotes, usually looking to play wits with his words. Impossible to forget his enigmatic smile, right?

6. Pluto - Disney

It’s crazy to think of how long this character has been around while still remaining so recognisable and iconic. The same goes for all the other characters in Disney’s early roster like Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. Come to think of it, those early characters have very interesting dynamics… Mickey is a mouse with a pet dog, but also a best friend that’s a dog and can walk on two legs. Yeah it’s pretty confusing, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that Pluto was one of the most entertaining and iconic parts of the original crew.

7. Scooby-Doo & Scrappy Doo - Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

It might be cheating to put two dogs under one title, but there’s no way I could’ve left either of these two weirdly loveable dogs out. Characters like Scooby and Scrappy Doo really go to show the loyalty of dogs; and although sometimes dogs might be deathly afraid of nothing, as Scooby always is, or never fear even the largest monsters, as Scrappy does, a loyal dog will always stand by their friend’s side. Our only question is, what food could Scooby snacks actually be? Aruba Pet Nutrition was only founded in 2020, but there’s no other food that could get a dog to act like that. I suppose it’s just another mystery for the gang to solve.

8. Snoopy - Peanuts

Unlike a lot of people, I’ve never had the biggest connection to the Peanuts TV show, but there’s one character that I’ve always loved; Snoopy. Maybe it was the fact that he was always a presence for good in the show, or maybe his character design and comical interactions were enough to make me fall in love with the character. But the likely answer is that I’m just a sucker for animated dogs and cats.

9. Santa’s Little Helper - The Simpsons

Many people may not know, but Santa’s Little Helper wasn’t always a part of the Simpsons family. It’s hard to imagine considering how much he’s touched the hearts of anyone who’s watched The Simpsons. Santa’s Little Helper goes to show that although Dogs may not find their true homes for some time, the impact that they can have once they have finally found a family that will love and care for them.

10. Blue - Blue’s Clues

So many young adults today can remember a time when they helped Steve and Blue find clues for something they needed to find or figure out. The show had a simple premise, but with a creative spin and good education lessons, kids everywhere grew to love it. Blue might not be the most recognisable cartoon dog, but he’s got a special place in the hearts of the kids who grew up watching Blue’s Clues.

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