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  • João Parreira

Food, love and nature!

From small to big, your dog will love a change of scenery and the new sensations from a new adventure.

There are many things we can do to take great care of our dogs. The obvious comes to mind: good healthy food, shelter and an up to date check up with your trusted vet. But there's so much more we can give to our best friends.

We, at Aruba Pet Nutrition, would like to invite you to take your dog to explore, to wonder and try new daily routines. It might not be possible on a busy week day but why not change the route of the morning walks? It might do you good too!

Some things that might happen to your four legged friend outdoors and that you might enjoy to do more often:

1) Smell different kinds of plants & flowers. Your dog is all about senses and experiencing them;

2) Hear the birds and insects when outside. Have you noticed how your dog reacts to every little sound?;

3) See different scenarios from the usual routes. Just like us, your dog needs mental stimulations. He will enjoy the new environment;

4) Different routes mean different physical activity (for both of you!).

If you decide to try one or more of our suggestions we would love to hear from you. Reach us on or on IG.

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