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Organic Salmon & Turkey with bok choy & turmeric


Complete food for cats of all ages

Want to witness the pleasure from delicious healthy food in your cat? Get ready to see this when you serve up Aruba's Organic Salmon & Turkey with bok choy & turmeric to your best furry friend! This delectable wet pouch is filled with health benefits to prepare your cat for the next playful adventure.


Also be prepared for a coat shinier than ever thanks to the Omega-3s in our organic salmon (40%), along with a muscle boost from the turkey (53%) meat, and stronger bones and teeth aided by the bok choy. There is also an addition of hemp oil, an anti-inflammatory that can protect nervous cells.


On top of these main ingredients, we also include powerful additions of kelp, coconut flakes and turmeric in smaller amounts. For an experience of taste and nutrition, look no further than Aruba's Organic Salmon & Turkey wet pouch. Posh cats will love it!

chicken cat_salmon&turkey cat copy.png

70 g



fresh turkey*(breast meat, neck, carcass, liver) 53%, fresh salmon* 40%, bok choy* 2%, minerals 1.5%, kelp 1%, coconut flakes* 1%, hemp oil* 1%, turmeric*, Ascophyllum nodosum* (pure seaweed extract) *organic.


vitamin A 1000 IU, vitamin D3 100 IU, ferrous sulphate monohydrate 22 mg, cupric sulphate pentahydrate 1.5 mg, manganous sulphate monohydrate 1.5 mg, zinc oxide 25 mg, sodium selenite 0.1 mg, taurine 1300 mg.


protein 12.46%, crude oils & fats 6.4%, crude ash 1.7%, fibre 0.68%, moisture 77.78%. 110 kcal/100 g.


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